Monday, June 12, 2006

The cost of living

Today, I was surfing the web and I found a fabulous house that my realtor has for sale in Signal Hill. Everything about this house is perfect - the colors, the set-up, the kitchen. I want this house.

There's one small problem: it's priced at $995,000.

But I figure if I cut out the junk food, drive through and take out, then I could save that money towards the purchase of this home. Of course, when I really think sensibly about it, I would have to give up much more than that.

I'd definitely have to stop buying $3.75 cauliflower and $3.00 canteloupes. No more luxury of peppers that are $2.99 per pound. Ditto the mushrooms. Forget about the $2.50 head of romaine lettuce or the pricey asian pears we like.

If I stick to Kraft dinner and the banged up cans of Alphagetti that we buy at a discount, then maybe we can afford a little more house.

Of course, eating that way would mean we would need to do major renovations in order for me to fit through the doors......

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