Friday, June 9, 2006

Sharing is good for you?

Today was not a horrible day. I actually shared a bagel with the boys this morning and was good to go. I had a couple of friends come over this morning, and one of them made chocolate cupcakes...yummy! We all indulged and didn't feel guilty for one second.

I think I made one of my friends feel better about her size: she's 30 weeks pregnant and is feeling large. So I grabbed a cupcake and told her I wasn't going to let her be the biggest one in the group. It wasn't for comic relief - I'm an overachiever and I believe anything worth doing is worth overdoing. No sense buying a chocolate cake unless you intend to eat the whole thing.

I paid some bills today and I realized that my bank statement really looks like a who's who of drive thru and food courts. I think I need to call the bank and ask them to take away my debit privileges, but I'm sure there would be serious service charges for that. That would stress me out and I'd head to the closest junk food drive thru...only to discover my card is frozen and I have no cash. So I'd have to go to the grocery store where I can pay with credit card...and well...then we're back to the whole chocolate cake thing again.

What's a girl to do?

Buy a big party bag of chips......

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