Thursday, July 20, 2006

The Toddler Diet

The Body Challenge is great motivation for me. I'm not overly competitive, so I'm not really focused on getting the most points. For me, being accountable to a team work well. I know my team is working hard to lose weight and get in better shape and I would feel awful if I didn't pull my...ummm...weight.

It occured to me today that maybe I should create a new diet based around what my kids eat. They eat so much healthier than I do, and kids have that natural ability to stop eating when they are no longer hungry. I'll eat until I'm full.

So here it is: The Toddler Diet

Have lots of fruit and vegetables from the start. Start with a whole apple, eat a few pieces, throw a few on the floor, then chew up and spit out the rest.

Have yogurt every day for breakfast. Have about half, then squeeze the rest out of the container and smear it in your hair.

Repeat above with applesauce, but drive your trucks through it and use a mini dump truck as a spoon. You'll eat less but make more mess.

Start a mini-fast by refusing food altogether, regardless of what is put on your plate. Greet everything you are given with a firm NO.

If you must indulge in fast food, savour your chicken nuggets by taking small bites. Then shove 6 french fries in your mouth so you will gag and throw up.

Demand dipping sauce or ketchup for everything. Dip 4 or five pieces into the food, then eat only the condiment with your fingers. Hide the food under your booster seat.

Six steps...that's all it takes to maintain a healthy weight. Who knew?

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