Friday, February 23, 2007

Getting the flu sucks...unless you are on a diet. While you feel like crap from head to toe, you can't help thinking the lack of food and constant trips to the bathroom are going to pay off when you step on the scale.

Sure enough, I've lost three of the pounds that found me last week. So being achy and unable to keep anything in had a pay-off.

But when your kids have the flu at the same time as you, the stakes are much higher. You don't have time to eat anything because you're spending too much time cleaning up poop or puke.

And when the appetite returns, and you are thinking about actually eating something, one of your children will ruin it for you.

That's what happened here. I was actually discussing dinner with my husband, when Westin woke up screaming. He had puked all over his crib. Normally, this wouldn't bother me - lord knows we've all cleaned up stinky puke. But this afternoon, Westin had grapes and they had been fermenting all afternoon in his rumbling belly. The vomit smelled like cheap wine.

And it wasn't just the smell that made me lose my appetite. It was the memories that came flooding back to me of when I lived in Italy and consumed cheap wine on a daily basis. We were in university over there and we partied every night - which meant someone threw up every night. The smell permeated the entire dorm building - and the only thing that overpowered it was cooking a pizza.

So I threw a pizza into the oven. So far, it's working. It smells much better in here already. Now, if the kids stay asleep I may actually be able to imagine I'm back in Italy - minus the rolling tuscan hills, the enormous fireplace in the quad and the bats flying in through the open windows.

But now I'm thinking about guana (bat droppings) and I'm starting to lose it again. But that's a story for another day....

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