Thursday, February 8, 2007

Hooray for me! I finally got to change my ticker.

I was completely shocked when I got on the scale. It's nice when hard work finally pays off.

For somebody trying to shed the pounds, getting on a friendly scale and seeing the numbers have gone down is far more gratifying than the best sex you could ever have. That chocolate cake you walked away from (while hiding your face so no one can see you crying) was a smart move.

The funny thing about losing weight is that you never remember just how bad you were when you gain a pound. We know we were bad - how many times have you said to yourself "Well, I blew the last couple of days, so I might as well write off the whole week."?

When you've had a bad week, you so don't want to get on that scale, because you know what the result will be. Still, that little voice inside your head is saying maybe I'll be lucky and I'll be the same weight I was last week.

Dream on.

The chocolate cake you did eat, the day you had breakfast twice because you were hungry before you met your friends for breakfast, the box of low fat cookies you devoured, the 2 bags of rice cakes you ate instead of lunch, and the wedding where you drank too much and were incapable of keeping track of your points are all going to show up eventually.

Maybe not this week, or the next, but those pounds will show. Sometimes they show so far after the fact that you have forgotten already and you wonder why you gained weight after working out everyday for an hour and eating well.

Thus begins the viscious cycle. Work out, eat right, gain weight. Not exactly a recipe for success. The hardest part is sticking to it when the scale is not co-operating.

When I'm in that cycle, I have to focus on how I feel, not what the scale says. I have to hold onto the fact that I felt great after a workout, and I didn't need a nap because I had salad for lunch instead of a McChicken.

So I didn't gain weight from my trip to Toronto - at least it isn't showing yet. But this time, when it does catch up to me, I'll be prepared for the emotional meltdown. And instead of giving up and eating a large bag of All Dressed potato chips I'll take it out on my husband. Way more fun than a bag of chips - and I won't feel crappy afterwards.

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