Thursday, March 15, 2007

I removed my ticker last night. There was some kind of technical glitch and there was nothing there. So instead of trying to fix it, I just dumped it.

Sad thing too - I could have changed it today. When I got on the scale this morning, I was down another pound. So that's 5 pounds in about oh...4 months. At this rate I'll be at my goal weight in 6.8 years. I think I need to accelerate that. I refuse to have my car paid off before I'm a size 10.

Tonight, I treated myself to 2 chocolate truffles and now I am sick to my stomach. It seems that lately I don't have the capacity to pig out like I used to. So sad....

As some of you have noticed, I changed my avatar. I have that picture on my fridge, but it really was not working there. I'm not a fridge snacker, I am a pantry peruser. When I have the urge to nosh, I will open and close the pantry a zillion times looking for something good to eat. I don't know what I'm looking for, since there is no junk food fairy in my house who is sneaking treats into the pantry after I close the door.

I can't put the picture on the pantry - that just seems weird. So I posted it in the other place I frequent - here.

I have also changed my tactic. I am no longer dieting. It is just too frustrating to think I am denying myself all the time. Can't have this, I'm on a diet. Can't eat that, I'm on a diet. Can't enjoy a good meal, I'm on a diet. It's just too depressing.

So last week, I dumped the diet mentality. I am starting to cart around a bottle of water and I'm drinking it every day. I leave it in my car, and I absent-mindedly drink the whole thing. And I lost weight this week.

But you know, I'll be seriously pissed if I lose weight by just visualizing my goal and drinking water. All those years of diet programs and exercise regimes. All that money invested in trainers and nutritionists. All the time spent at the gym sweating like a pig and panting like a dirty old man.

Can you imagine if it was that easy? Ladies, I'll volunteer to be the guinea pig for this experiment. I'll keep my exercise to a minimum, drink my water, and change my way of thinking. If it works, I'll be thrilled, and I'll sell you a copy of the non-regimented regime for a small fee.

Of course, you have to wait around for the results for 6.8 years.....

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