Thursday, March 22, 2007

I took the boys to Playtopia for the first time yesterday.
What a great place!

But nothing reminds you that you are out of shape like one of those play structures.

There are two things that make me very nervous:
1) A large water slide - I always worry that my butt will get stuck; and
2) A large climbing structure for children.

It strikes fear into me that my children will get stuck and I will have to climb in there to save them. I have visions that my hips will get wedged into one of those small tunnels and the fire department will have to come cut me out.

Not to mention the contortion that is required to get in there in the first place. Those things were not built for anyone with hips, boobs, or an ample butt. I have images of children screaming because I had to twist my body unnaturally and accidentally squished a wee one with my hips. Even worse is the thought that by body fat is so cushioning that I wouldn't even notice.

But yesterday, I did go in. My son and his little friend needed help getting to the next level. So I climbed up there - way, way up there - to give them the boost we needed.

The foamy steps were easy enough. The little platforms to get up a couple of levels were at knee level, so those were a cinch.

But then I had to cross through a tunnel. Not a plastic tunnel, but one of those mesh ones. I wasn't sure it would hold me and I carefully assessed how far the fall down was. I had no choice but to go on - there was a line up of little ones behind me.

That little tunnel was like those Ikea kids chairs - they just don't look strong enough for an adult, but lo and behold they hold your weight.

Overall, once I got to the kids, I actually started having fun. I was playing in there!!!!

This morning, I am feeling the pain all over my body. I used muscles that haven't moved for more than 2 years.
It actually feels great.

Oh, and no kids were traumatized. But I really should have apologized to the dad who was in there with me and got a face-full of me.

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