Monday, March 5, 2007

When you have a lot of weight to lose, it seems like the end will never come. You diet and you exercise and you deprive yourself and at the end of the week, the scale has barely moved.

It's freakin exhausting.

Now I realize that people lose weight in different ways, but it has never seemed fair to me the way I lose weight.

For some people, 10 pounds is very noticeable. For others, you can only notice from the way they hold their heads a bit higher. For me, 10 pounds is only obvious to me - and that's because of the way I lose weight.

I don't have to step on the scale to know I've lost weight. I just have to step in my shoes, because that's where I lose it first.

After my feet have shrunk a size, the weight loss will move on to my face. I lose my chins and then my chubby cheeks and people look at me weird. They know something is different, but can't quite figure it out. I'll help you out - it's that my head now looks too small for my body.

As I lose more weight, the changes become more evident from the neck down. After the face, it's the boobs - first the ones in front, then the back boobs.

Then it's a natural progression: waist, hips, butt.

But it takes forever for the weight loss to show on my derriere. Let's not even talk about the thighs.

So if you happen to notice that I'm wearing new shoes, be an angel and say something. It'll make me feel good for a while - at least until my head starts to shrink.

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