Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Another week has passed and I have not been really following the WW program. Another week has passed and I really did not want to get on the scale. Another week has passed and my MIL is gone, but my mom is here.

This morning, I got on the scale and was ready for it. I had the mental talk with myself. Whatever it says is fine. It's just another week. And my mom is here to support me with her tongue clicking (tsk tsk), her snarky comments (I thought you were on a diet) and her backhanded compliments (I admire that you can wear that and not feel self-conscious).


And something happened that has never happened before. Without effort, I lost weight. Not just a pound, but 3!!! I didn't have to pee before I weighed myself, or strip down, or wait until after I dried my hair to tip the scale favourably in my direction. I did get on the scale a second time just to make sure it was right. Same reading.

So now that I am down 10 lbs, I am inspired to continue doing nothing. That's the perfect weight loss system for me. Stress-free, no counting, no worries weight loss. Oh, and denial.

If I don't admit to what Jeff and I ate over the weekend, then it doesn't count. It didn't happen. If I break a chocolate bar in half, all the fat and calories with fall out. The blt's (bites, licks and tastes) really won't affect me if I spread them out over the whole day.

So I will continue having strawberries and waffles with syrup every morning and watermelon after lunch. The fruit is good for me anyways and that's really the only thing that was different this past week.

Please, please, please let it work. Then I can tell my mom she can get stuffed when she tells me for the hundredth time that watermelon is full of sugar and I'd be better off eating the rind.

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