Sunday, August 19, 2007

made a horrible mistake last week.

I went clothes shopping with my mother.

I haven't been clothes shopping with my mother since I was 14 and we had that "incident" in Bi-Way. We always shopped at Bi-Way - it was a discount boutique where the clothes were really cheap and really unfashionable. It was like it was built specifically for single moms with overweight children.

Anyways, the "incident" was a mortifying Saturday afternoon just before the return to school after winter holidays. I was browsing at one end of the store (probably near the candy ) and my mom was somewhere else far away from me.

I am pretty sure the music playing over the speakers was Prince's Purple Rain because now, whenever I hear it, I feel my cheeks get hot and my ears want to bleed.

So I'm walking around, minding my own business, when from somewhere inside the store I hear my mom yell: "Dana, the largest sizes are over here!" Come try on these pants and this bra."

Like I said, mortifying.

So this week, with years of experience behind me and a whole lot more self-confidence, I let my judgement lapse and went shopping with my mother. I don't know what I was thinking.

I guess I was just blissfully ignorant, like a bug that is enjoying a beautiful day, until wham! It hits a windshield and it's all over. My windshield was in the "Woman" department at Sears.

Once again, I was just browsing. But this time, instead of my mom yelling for me across the store, I looked up from a rack I was sifting through and discovered my mom was at the same rack!

I swear I felt a little bit of throw up come into my mouth, and all the memories of that day in Bi-Way came back to me. And now I can no longer listen to James Blunt's Beautiful without feeling a little bit sick.

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