Tuesday, August 7, 2007

There comes a time in every overweight person's life when they hit rock bottom and finally get it.

It can happen at any time: when you catch a glimpse of youself naked in the mirror; when you eat so much crap in one day you are physically ill; when you can no longer fit into your largest size pants.

I think I hit my rock bottom yesterday while I was folding laundry. I picked up a pair of my underpants and was holding them up to fold and was hit with a sudden .

I was completely dumbfounded by the sheer size of them. Let me give you some perspective.

My underpants are big enough to fit both my children side-by-side, a couple of stuffies to keep them company and there would still be room for books, snacks, diapers and a change of clothes. Like a freaking knapsack.

How the hell did I get here?

I can't say for sure that at that moment I decided enough was enough. I can say that I was definitely not interested in any junk food. I wasn't depressed to the point of eating myself into stupor. But it really made me think.

It was so deflating, so shocking and so funny at the same time. All the granny pants jokes came back to me in a hurry. But my granny never had knickers that large.

And of course, my wonderful son, the brilliant three-year-old who has not yet learned to keep some thoughts to himself, just had to blurt out "Wow, mommy, those are soooo big!"

Yes they are, my pet, now come here so I can measure where the straps need to go. Mommy is making you a new knapsack.

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