Monday, April 30, 2007

It is a perpetual truth that most people find it very hard to take a compliment. Especially women.

Men don't have this problem. You tell them they look good in those jeans, they immediately assume you are hitting on them. If you notice the haircut, they assume you are hitting on them. If you compliment them for some dandy handiwork, they assume you want to sleep with them. Men are so simple.

Women, on the other hand, are a more fickle group when it comes to compliments. I think most of us are pretty quick to dish out the compliments to our female friends and usually without an agenda. We just noticed something and want to say hey, good for you!

But when we are on the receiving end of a compliment, we are self-deprecating, shy and embarrassed. I think it's exacerbated when weight & diet is involved.

When someone says "Hey, you look like you've lost weight!" I immediately counter with "Umm, no, I haven't." Heaven forbid I should just say thank you and be pleased that I look thinner that day. I know what my scale says. And if you continue to stand within earshot, I'll stammer about how I just got new pants, or a bra that actually fits and separates my boobs from waist.

Bless the kind ones who continue. "Well, your face looks thinner. So whatever you're doing, just keep doing it."

What I'm doing is eating chips and ice cream. Avoiding the treadmill (because my kids are now using it as a launching pad onto an air mattress). Generally being lazy about eating right.

But what I'll do is plaster a smile on my face and say "Thanks".

We should all be more accepting of compliments. A friend of mine always greets every compliment with a huge smile and an enthusiatic "Thank you for saying that". Crap, I hope she doesn't think I'm hitting on her....

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