Thursday, February 4, 2010

1 month into the new year

I decided to avoid the scale for almost the entire month of January. When I got on the scale on the first of February, I had lost 2 lbs. I had lost 4 when I checked mid-month, but I kind of went a little junk food crazy for a weekend. Still, the loss is not bad for a half-hearted effort at weight loss.

What I have been trying to do is eat every two to three hours, so that I am not grazing all afternoon at home. I am curious to see how this will effect my weight at the end of the month.

I have started sleeping later and exercising in the afternoon.

I have more energy these days.

All good things.

But as I sit in the coffee shop that has served as my "office" for the last 5 months, I am noticing something peculiar.

One after another, leggy, beautiful women are coming in to the shop. And every single one of them is wearing heels (or boots with heels). The peculiarity is that every single one of them has had to roll up the cuffs on their pencil thin legs or have the hems dragging at the very bottom of the heel.

What the hell?

Congratulations to the fashion industry. First, you successfully made women feel like they are too fat when you surreptitiously made sizes smaller. Now that fashion conscious women have lost more weight than is healthy, the designers are now sending the message that your legs are too short. Good luck finding a surgery or meal plan to fix that. We may be headed for a renaissance of the stretching apparatus.

I for one, am thrilled.

For years, I have had to put up with pant legs that drag on the floor. Plus-size clothing manufacturers must have believed that if one needed a size 22 pant, then surely that person is 6-foot-2.

Now I am in style.
And I can eat whatever I want.