Monday, January 10, 2011

Feeling stripped down

For the first time in 20 years, I was without a vehicle today. It was a strange feeling this morning when I opened the kitchen blinds and no vehicle was sitting in the driveway. Hubby had some business to take care of that required him to fly to Edmonton and the $70 cab fare to the airport was just too hard to swallow. So we decided that it would be prudent for him to take the car. He suggested we drive him there in the morning, but losing an hour and a half of sleep and waking the boys at 4:30 am to save myself from a 15 minute walk is just stupid. Today, my cheapness won out over my laziness. That is a war no-one wants to see.

I was a bit stressed out about the walk to school for two reasons.

1) My boys could whine and moan the whole way there, stressing me out even further.
2) I wasn't sure how my knee would handle the uphill climb on the way home.

Make that three reasons: 3) I could moan and whine the whole way there.

Well, the fates smiled on me today. First, the boys completely understood that we did not have a vehicle today and were actually - wait for it - co-operative. It had started to snow and it was nice to watch the boys trying to catch snow flakes on their tongues. And my knee did not squeak once on the way home. Success!

What really made me feel naked today was the absence of my blackberry - hubby had that too. Naturally, since today is Monday, it did not take long for the voicemail to fill up. I thought I would be completely lost without it. I was completely surprised to discover that not only did I not miss it, I actually had a day without disruptions.

I had time to get a large chunk of work done.

I had time to have a picnic with my youngest on the kitchen island.

I had to time to let him whoop my a$$ in Wii.

I had time to think about what a great day it has been without that little tyrant buzzing incessantly in my pocket.

And I enjoyed walking to and from school today. Thankfully one of my neighbours helped me out by picking up my youngest after kindergarten. I think this would have been a different post if I had walked to and from school six times today.

I suppose this is what it is going to be like for our leaner, greener year. I'm not loving it yet, but I'm also not looking for solace in a bag of Doritos.

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  1. still cell phone free over here... and loving it!