Thursday, February 3, 2011

The countdown is on

Moving sucks.

I can say this with some authority since in the last 7 years we have moved from Toronto to Calgary, Calgary to Surrey and now we are getting ready to move back to Toronto.

But moving especially sucks when your husband moves ahead of you and you have no idea when the house you are living in will sell.  To add salt to the wound, all your family is in Toronto.

I was fine with everything until this morning, when I realized that come Sunday, I will really be missing my husband.  He has slowly been falling apart for weeks and now that he is ready to go, I can fall to pieces.

I'm not going to whine about being a single mom, because I am not.  My mom was a single mom, and I know it completely sucks a lot of the time.

I'm just going to be lonely for a while.  Hopefully, the weather will change soon and I can hang out in the back lane with the other wine-drinking moms.  I think this time I will have the biggest glass.


  1. :(
    it's hard doing it on your own...thank God for wine and good friends!

  2. It no fun being lonely. I hope that things don't take too long to sell. {hugs} wish I could help in some way.