Thursday, March 17, 2011

A wave, a smile, a nod and a great sense of loss

The packers arrived today and the house is a flurry of panicked activity.  My husband came home from Toronto a day early to help me out with everything that still needed to be done.

My obsessive need to get this house move-out ready has paid off.  The packers were very grateful to have an easy day.

Naturally, I am filled with sadness today.  For the third time in seven years, we are moving long-distance and I am tired and emotional.  Now that I can sit back and let the packers do their thing, I can deal with my feelings.  A good friend mentioned over breakfast that I was too busy to actually think about the emotional impact this move is having on me.

She was right.

I am feeling a great sense of loss.  We stumbled into this community by accident.  The house was affordable, the back lane seemed like a good place to play, and all the amenities were close by.  For 2 academic years, I commuted the boys to school in Vancouver and really did not get an appreciation of my neighbourhood.

Now that boys are going to school locally, I have daily been amazed by the camaraderie, the compassion and the comfort this community provides.

I have lived in 9 different communities over the course of my life.  I grew up in an apartment building where all the kids knew each other and played together all the time.  We knew our neighbours and our parents knew our friends' parents.  It was safe.

But since then, I have never lived in an area like the one I am in now.  Maybe they don't realize it, but the people in this hood know what makes a community.

British author Anthony Burgess said it best: "Without a sense of caring, there can be no sense of community."

So to all of you in the Sullivan/Panorama area, a huge THANK YOU!  I will miss you all terribly and I can only hope that our new community is as wonderful as this one.

And even if it isn't, thanks to all of you I am leaving with the tools I need to start building a great community.

Take care of each other.



  1. I hope you have found a community that loves and embraces your family Dana! You have so much to offer. I really hope our paths cross again. Keep in touch.